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Meet the Robinsons, Sam, Lauren and Molly (that's us). But life has changed a lot since the photo above. Cancer has sadly torn our family apart and Molly and I lost our beloved Lauren (my Wife and Molly's Mum) in August 2020 after she bravely took on breast cancer for over 3 years.

There were a number of things throughout our journey that have led to me creating this blog, including how a GoFundMe campaign supported us throughout our journey (and still is now) and how captivated people seem to have been by our story. 

My plan is to share how Molly and I are taking on life after loss by reviewing holidays and days out etc. As well as sharing thoughts on our experiences with supporting someone with a terminal illness, dealing with grief, child bereavement and how we are trying to make lemonade out of some of life's most bitter lemons.

Writing has proven to be an outlet for me specifically and it turns out that it's something I'm not awful at. So, I've taken to writing more frequently and hope that by sharing my writing I can inform others, share our experiences and hopefully help others to take on some of life's challenges and still make lemonade!


Thanks for reaching out!


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